This Memorial Day – Remember what’s been forgotten

It is widely believed that part of the agreement that we enter into prior to incarnation on this planet is that we forget all that we’ve learned in prior incarnations. This is so that we can begin anew unhindered by past experiences or faulty beliefs. What is less clear is whether we can or should remember what we already know, or whether we need to learn things all over again.
One thing that appears clear is that there is more information available to us now that at any time in human history. Given this situation, the question becomes the key. What information do we seek out, and how do we determine whether it is true?
We would suggest that everything we need to know is readily available to those who know where to look. The place to look is within, and we can access sources of understanding that dwarf what is available in the outside world.
What has been forgotten is that we are all eternal beings having a physical experienced. We are immortal beings who have access to the secrets of the Universe. We purposely forget what we know so we can experience the joy and wonder of learning it, of experiencing it, one more time.
The grass is always greener on the other side is a metaphor for those who are unable to understand that the present is our greatest gift. People who are happiest tend to be those who life with an attitude of gratitude and who understand what a precious gift this life is. What causes true sorrow among the enlightened is the concern that through our folly and hubris we could render this planet virtually uninhabitable for future generations. This is a realization that is difficult to rationalize away, and calls out for a dramatic change in how our world is run. Let’s hope and pray that change is coming soon.

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