Rejoice in the Choice

Choice is a good thing. It is related to free will and the opportunity to steer one’s destiny. We have many choices to be made on a daily, weekly and occasional basis. One that is getting lots of media attention this near is the choice of the next President of the United States of America. We feel quite strongly that both candidates will further the goal of global unification in their own unique way. We actually like both presumptive major party nominee’s. We tend to lean left and hence would prefer Hillary. But see a lot of exciting possibilities with a Trump Presidency as well. This year, perhaps more than most election years, we have a real choice.
The balance between freedom, or free choice, and security and order go far back in the annals of history. The key in fact is balance, allowing and experiencing enough freedom to grow, learn and change while having enough structure and stability to have a certain level of predictability in our daily lives.
Another aspect of the choices we face is how much of our lives we try to control and how much we go with the flow. This his a fundamental decision which goes to one’s level of spiritual understanding and connection to the Source. There is a certain level of introspection required to even be aware of this choice. Hence recognizing that there is a choice to be made and being able to make the choice on a daily basis become keys to developing greater spiritual understanding and ultimately, enlightenment.
Rejoice in the choice that we all have to pursue a path of spiritual growth and understanding that will lead to the place of peace and understanding that we fervently desire.

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