240 years, and getting better all the time

Yesterday was Independence Day here in the USA, 240 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, declaring America a free and independent nation. We we’re in Philadelphia this past weekend, checking out where it all began. America is an incredibly diverse and vibrant country. For all her faults, there has never been a nation quite as dynamic and powerful. We have a unique opportunity to reshape the world with democracy and freedom. Perhaps most importantly, we’ve shown that a diverse group of states can come together to form a more perfect union.
America represents the example for the world, a model for how we can come together to end war. The US proves that disparate people with diverse beliefs and values can unite and work together to solve national and global problems. It is time for the people’s of the world to come together and resolve to create a more perfect union for all the people’s of the earth.
Our challenge and our opportunity are to show the world that we can put aside our differences and create global institutions that are empowered to create mechanisms to resolve disputes between people’s and nations. We can’t afford to continue playing Russian roulette with the future of the species. The longer we fail to act, the more likely a major catastrophe will occur. Technology can be used for us or against us. It is time we used it to empower people and institutions that seek to bring people together in peaceful cooperation.
We are uniquely positioned to bring about this global transformation. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Lets showcase what America has to show the world, and present the American model as an alternative in a world with multiply threats to humanity.

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