2 Conventions and the Olympics

The past few weeks have seen political conventions from both major US political parties and currently we have the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro. These major events help put the worlds situation, and choices, front and center.
The conventions were raucous affairs that brought the choices into stark relief. It appears the Hillary Clinton will win the election, and it will not be close. This is more due to her opponents shortcomings that to her expertise as a candidate. It is time for a woman to lead this nation away from the excessive militarism of past administrations.
The Olympics offer us a view of a more united and peaceful world. It can be argued that the Olympics bring the world together more than any other recurring event. The spirit of peace and friendship that comes out during the opening ceremonies offers us a glimpse of the world to come.
Getting back to the upcoming election. This cycle offers the historic choice that could finally bring about a breakthrough in international relations.
While we are not at liberty to reveal or even fully comprehend the plan that is unfolding, it is clear that we are on the cusp of big changes. America is uniquely positioned to lead the world through these tumultuous times. There is no shirking this role because destiny has determined it is America’s time.
We should all feel very fortunate to be alive in a time and place that we are positioned to play a hugely outsized role in the next step in human development. It is clear from both the Conventions and the Olympics that the United States is the pre-eminent nation in the world today. What we do with this rare and unique opportunity will determine the course of humanity’s future for generations yet to come.

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