Preparing for Trump World

The 2016 election is finally over, or it may be soon, depending on the recounts, the hacking investigation and the Electoral College. It appears that Donald Trump will be our next President, to the surprise of nearly everybody. Given this situation, we are searching for some silver linings in this growing dark cloud.
The first would be the possibility that the US and Russia could become true allies. This development could set the stage for real progress on ridding the world of nuclear weapons, as the 2 former adversaries could use their near monopoly on nukes to convince other nations to turn their nukes over to an international body that could monitor and eventually deactivate the world’s unnecessary and potentially catastrophic stockpiles.
The second is the notion that we can rebuilt our deteriorating infrastructure while putting millions of skilled laborers back to work. WE certainly could use upgrades in our roads, bridges, dams and airports.
The third area which was mentioned during the primaries is the notion of re-structuring our national debt. It is clear that there won’t be any real attempts made at paying it off, so the best chance we have to significantly reduce it is to negotiate it down with our creditors. Trump has spoken about his genius in using debt to his advantage, perhaps he could use a version of this to put the countries fiscal house in order.
Lastly, we have it on good authority that certain extraterrestrial races are waiting for there to be a clear leader before they will come and visit Earth. The phrase, “Take me to your leader” has more significance than most people realize. The saturation media coverage that Donald Trump has received throughout the world over the past 18 months could be sufficient to convince our outer space allies that we finally have a real leader that they can meet with. We say, “Welcome.”

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