Christmas to Solstice – The Shift is Coming

We here in America have had long tradition of celebrating Christmas 3 or 4 days after the Winter Solstice each December. This has been challenged, or augmented, depending on your perspective, by Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. This has resulted in an uneasy truce between Christians, Jews, followers of indigenous traditions and nature worshippers. If we seek what is best for all, we would be wise to shift to a Solstice based holiday season.
The winter Solstice represents the time of darkness, entering into the coldest season of the year. It represents the time when the Earth lies fallow and rests and relegates for another season of rebirth and new life. It is a period of reflection and introspection, of taking stock and celebrating the Earth’s bounty.
Our Earth has been an amazing home to our evolving species for our entire span of existence. It is truly incredible in it’s composition and diversity. It is a truly remarkable entity that self regulates to maximize the conditions for human and indeed all forms of life. We would be wise to take time this and every holiday season to seek to understand and celebrate our planetary home.
Our current economic system puts the needs and systems of our planet at far too low of a priority. Our global system should put understanding our Earth at the top of its priorities. The planet and her needs and workings are one thing people all over the world can rally around. Preserving our planet as a place for our continued evolution is something that we can all come together and celebrate.
We would suggest that everyone’s holiday celebration includes a nod to the magnificent planet that we all call home, and rely on for our very existence. We all enjoy a truly spectacular home, lets keep it that way.

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