The Ultimate Challenge of Our Time

We live in a world where truth and fantasy are becoming intertwined and interwoven to the point that most people are unable to determine fact from fiction. This is due to an overabundance of information that comes at us from all directions and mediums dizzying speed. What is most important now is to figure out what is most important and look at things through that lens.
We live at a time of rapidly increasing rates of change, with a nuclear sword of Damocles hanging over our heads. The perspective that should be adopted is how does this effect the survival and well being of our species. Humanity is at a precarious point. If we fail to grasp the seriousness of our situation, we may find ourselves living on a greatly diminished Earth, if we survive at all.
The vast majority of people on Earth today have lived their whole lives in the Nuclear Era. We need to make a pledge to do everything we can to end this scourge on humanity and rid the world of nuclear weapons. While there could be a case made for preserving a few in case of a rogue asteroid, they should be completely removed from nations as an instrument of War.
There are a numbers of concerns we face in preserving Earth as a suitable habitat for the human species. The least we can do is remove the prospect of nuclear war from the threats facing Earth and Humanity. If we can do this, future generations will look upon our time as the period that humanity came of age, came together as one and saved the Earth as a suitable habitat for our species.
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, we must rise to this challenge, or our species faces dark days indeed.

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