Valentine’s Day, A New Way to Play

If we look at what is happening in the world today, it is clear that the world is changing at a rapid pace. The shift that we are experiencing involves recognizing the sacred in All That Is Everything is connected, and everything that lives comes from the Divine Feminine. All living things, including humans are born of the feminine impulse. On this day set aside for lovers, we would be wise if we would take a moment and acknowledge that we owe our very existence to women, individually and collectively.
This is no mere accident of biology. We would suggest the Divine Feminine is the guiding force of the Universe, and we would do well to place it reverently on its proper pedestal. Our planet is being assaulted daily by human insults and activities. We tear into her soil, strip its minerals and oils, pour pollutants into the air and seas, and carelessly play with deadly radioactivity.
The Divine Feminine puts life and those people and systems that support and give life above all else. It knows that this planet functions best with maximum diversity and symbiosis. We as a species need to properly reflect and honor the processes that give us life and sustain us throughout our lives here on Earth. Our top priority should be to make the world a better place for people and to leave the world better than found it.
We would all be well served by re-orienting our public policies towards honoring and seeking to maximize the pleasure and enjoyment of those who best represent the Divine Feminine here on Earth. The abilities of cooperation, reconciliation, nurturing and empathy are the traits most needed now to move us through this treacherous time in world history. We can all start by honoring and serving the Divine Feminine anytime we encounter it.

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