The Illuminati Plan Revealed

Many people are familiar with the notion that there is a small group of people in secret societies that have an outsized influence on the course of human events.  This is largely true, and the veil is being removed as the plan continues to unfold.  While the minutia of daily events seems to have a random quality, the larger trends are both understandable and startling.

Perhaps the most pressing and distressing aspect of current world events is the notion that we are entering another militaristic phase, that our resources and scientists will continue to be put to use to find more effective and efficient ways to kill, incarcerate and otherwise dominate and subjugate people.  This is an unfortunate yet undeniable aspect of the plan for a New World Order.

On the flip side, the Plan involves bringing about a level of stability that is difficult to obtain without centralized planning.  There are aspects of our future which are difficult to see or understand at this time, but if there is to be a future, we surely must solve the issue of nuclear weapons proliferation and find a way to prevent and eventually eliminate the possibility of nuclear war.

The Plan quite simply involves consolidating wealth and power of the very few, the Illuminated or Enlightened Ones.  The only way this plan works is if the people in charge are truly up to the challenge.   There don’t seem to be very many people who fit that bill today, or at least they are not the ones in power.

Still, we may have no reasonable alternative other than to give those in power a chance to help bring about a better nation and world.   This is a precarious time in the evolution of the human species, we’ve got to make it through these perilous times to get the world of peace harmony and abundance that so many of us seek.










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