Where We Stand in the Age of Trump

2017 has been a year filled  with division, discord and disasters.  It is difficult to remember a year with such anxiety and chaos.  Our planet appears to be sending us a message, and our leaders are completely tone deaf.  Our planet is facing multiple challenges, and our leadership seems intent on making these worse.

The answer lies in people helping people, in coming to the shared realization that we are all in this together.  The level of urgency seems to ratchet up by the week.  Job 1 is finding personal peace of mind amidst the craziness.  It is imperative that people who seek to be part of the solution find the space to think clearly, connect to the Universe and figure out how to move forward in these treacherous times.

Job 2 is finding a way to tap into the growing currents that seek to restore balance and sustainability to our nation and our world.  We have to realize that these turbulent times will continue for a while.  We are being led by people who are in lockstep with the agenda of the elites.  Their plan is to consolidate wealth and power into the hands of the very few to create a nation and world of debt slaves who have to surrender their freedom in order to survive.

People should realize that the big story in the Age of Trump is the movements that develop in reaction and resistance to his policies and his Presidency.  We saw the start on the day after the Inauguration with the Women’s March.  The many movements that are percolating on the left need to coalesce in a great wave of progressive change that will usher in a new era of peace and equality.  We certainly can’t leave it up to the leaders.

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