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The content expressed here is intended for information, entertainment and contemplation purpose.   It is available to all, but is not to be re-sold.  It is meant to express a point of view of what is transpiring now on this planet.  Our sources are varied and come from all types of media.

Regarding Comments, If you have posted a question and it has been approved and added to the site, you may assume that what has been suggested is acceptable to the author of this site, and you may proceed with that which has been suggested.  This would include translating the site into other languages, entering it into online directories, adding a link to another page or social networking site, or reproducing portions for non-commercial purposes.

Our goal with this site is to inform and enlighten as many people as possible during this time of Transformation, and anything that can done to assist in this mission is welcomed and appreciated.

We seek to spread information about the Transformation and Peace and Goodwill to all Humanity.  We look forward to meeting and interacting with beings from other galaxies and other dimensions, and are strong advocates of the disclosure movement.  We advocate peace and free will as consistent and parallel goals of Beyond 2012 LLC.

The blog is hosted on Blue Host and it uses WordPress.  We seek the Greatest Good for the greatest #, and to assist people in flowing smoothly and harmoniously through the Great Shift.

or e-mail us at 1ness4all@comcast.net”>bereadyfor2012@comcast.net   or you can leave a comment.

We recently installed a spem filter, will be interesting to see how that impacts how many comments come through.  We’ll keep you posted.

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